NOTIFIER Integrated Network


 Embedded Gateway

Intelligent gateway interface with IP capabilities that allows remote monitoring of ONYX panel(s) via Ethernet. Product Detail >>

 Receivers Gateway

receiversgateway.jpgAn intelligent software gateway to the Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) for the ONYXWorks facilities monitoring workstation. Product Detail >>

 Modbus Gateway

modbus.jpgProvides an interface between NOTIFIER fire alarm systems and industrial control systems using industry-standard Modbus/IP protocol.

 BACnet Gateway


bacnet.jpgAccess facilities information from anywhere through interface between NOTIFIER fire alarm systems and building automation systems.
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 NFN Web Server

nfn-webserver2.jpgWeb-based monitoring and notification—allows viewing fire alarm network and device status from anywhere.

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 LED Sign Gateway

led120.jpgDisplays predetermined messages on up to ten LED Signs in response to zone activations on the NOTI-FIRE-NET. Product Detail >>

 CAP Gateway

modbus.jpgThe Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Gateway is a communication interface using CAP messaging between the NOTI-FIRE-NET™ network and a CAP-compliant Distributed Recipients Mass Notification System (DRMNS).
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 VESDA Gateway


modbus.jpgThe VESDA-HLI-GW provides a communication link between the NFN network and the VESDAnet.  This link enables event notification and control of devices on the VESDAnet through the NFN network. Event notifications are displayed on the fire network annunciators. Control can be initiated from these annunciators.
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